Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NICS) has been formed on 4 February 2008. It has been registered officially in the Government District Administration Office, Kathmandu on 9 May 2008. It is an institution of licensed surveyors of Nepal who have obtained license under the Article 11 (E) of Land (Survey & Measurement) Act- 1963. This institution has been registered for the well being of Chartered Surveyors, to make homogeneous in their works and to protect and expand their professional rights and welfare. NICS is dedicated and determined to follow up the code of conduct, norms, standard and specification set by the concerned government department and organization.

Each and every qualified surveyor should have been desirous to be a Licentiate Surveyor, because, he will be identified as legally appropriate person to perform the duty. Next, registration provides a person appreciated as a professional in the community. His work will be recognized as per standard set by the concerned government authorities. In fact, registration raises the status of a surveyor as a true professional. As a result, licentiate surveyor may be offered the job rather than an unregistered one. In this perspective, government departments and organizations should encourage the surveyor to be licentiated, so that they may provide services to the client, customer and general people in a legal and scientific manner with standard format. In addition, licentiate surveyor must hold the membership of Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NICS) for the professional rights, welfare and duty. If the professionals be united, their voice for their welfare will be heard by the concerned authorities.