Commission and Sister Organization

Commissions and Members

The following members are nominated for the following commissions by the meeting of of executive committee of Nepal Institution Chartered Surveyors held on 4th September 2011 as per the requirement of International Federation of Surveyors FIG to represent on each Commissions:

  1. Commission 1- Professional Standards and Practice – Mr. Punya Prasad Oli
  2. Commission 2- Professional Education – Mr.Dr. Padma Raj Lamichhane
  3. Commission 3- Spatial Information Management – Mr. Jagat Raj Paudel
  4. Commission 4- Hydrography – Mr. Bijunanda Bajracharya
  5. Commission 5- Positioning and Measurement – Mr. Niraj Mananadhar
  6. Commission 6- Engineering Surveys– Mr. Ujjwal Chandra Gautam
  7. Commission 7- Cadastre and Land Management – Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha
  8. Commission 8- Spatial Planning and Development –Mr. Mahendra Prasad Sigdel
  9. Commission 9- Valuation and the Management of Real Estate – Mr. Sahmbhu Jnawali
  10. Commission 10- Construction Economics and Management– Mr. Chandran Kant Acharya

Sister Organizations

  1. Nepal Surveyors Association
  2. Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (NRSPS)
  3. Nepal GIS Society