Introduction of Institution

Brief Introduction of Institution

Name of the Institution नेपाल इन्ष्टिच्युसन् अफ चार्टर्ड सर्भेयर्स { -Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
Location Bagbajar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Postal Address  P.O.Box 6769, Kathmandu Nepal
Telephone No. +977-14254181
Fax No
Type of Registration of the Institution  NGO/Non-Profit/Non-Political
Date of Registration  9th May 2008 at District Administration Office, Kathmandu
Registered in Social Welfare Council 22th May 2008
Registered in Income Tax  7th Dec 2008
Date of Registration with FIG 18th June 2010
Name of Authorized Person Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, President