Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NICS) has been formed on 4 February 2008. It has been registered officially in the Government District Administration Office, Kathmandu on 9 May 2008. It is an institution of licensed surveyors of Nepal who have obtained license under the Article 11 (E) of Land (Survey & Measurement) Act- 1963. This institution has been registered for the well being of Chartered Surveyors, to make homogeneous in their works and to protect and expand their professional rights and welfare. NICS is dedicated and determined to follow up the code of conduct, norms, standard and specification set by the concerned government department and organization. However, main objectives of NICS are as follows:

  1. To work for the professional rights and welfare in accordance with the professional ethical principle and code of conduct.
  2. To help to attend the allocated accuracy of the work for all types of survey and maps.
  3. Be ready for the services of nation and people.
  4. To help to update and certify as necessary, the survey and maps prepared by various agencies and organizations.
  5. To help to prepare maps and data in co-operation with Survey Department, various government and non-government organizations.
  6. To help to perform accurate mapping works, for government, non-government and private organizations and agencies.
  7. To extend help for the valuation of land and housing.
  8. To assist to prepare cadastral, thematic, topographic, engineering maps (except base maps) for the planning and evaluation of new programmes and housing development projects.
  9. To help to generate employment and to create the condition of self employment.
  10. To perform and to make performed activities for the welfare of the members of NICS.
  11. To organize various seminar, conference, symposium and publish research papers.
  12. To work jointly with national and international organizations, who have similar nature and objectives and obtain their membership, as necessary.

Reasons to be a Licentiate Surveyor

Each and every qualified surveyor should have been desirous to be a Licentiate Surveyor. Because he will be identified as legally appropriate person to perform the duty. Next, registration provides a person appreciated as a professional in the community. His work will be recognized as per standard set by the concerned government authorities. In fact, registration raises the status of a surveyor as a true professional. As a result, licentiate surveyor may be offered the job rather than an unregistered one. In this perspective, government departments and organizations should encourage the surveyor to be licentiated, so that they may provide services to the client, customer and general people in a legal and scientific manner with standard format. In addition, licentiate surveyor must hold the membership of Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NICS) for the professional rights, welfare and duty. If the professionals be united, their voice for their welfare will be heard by the concerned authorities.

Executive Members of (NICS)

  1. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha – President
  2. Punya Prasad Oli – Vice-President
  3. Mahendra Prasad Sigdel – General Secretary
  4. Rajendra Prasad Maratha – Treasurer
  5. Nagendra Jha – Executive Member
  6. Dr. Padma Raj Lamichhane – Executive Member
  7. Sudarshan Karki – Executive Member
    General Members
  8. Tirtha Bahadur Pradhananga
  9. Chandra Kanta Acharya
  10. Durga Das Joshi
  11. Bidya Narayan Bahadur Shrestha
  12. Agnidhar Sharma
  13. Maheswor Bhattarai
  14. Jagat Raj Poudel
  15. Niraj Manandhar
  16. Bharat Prasad Mahaju
  17. Ujwal Chandra Gautam
  18. Padam Lal Poudel
  19. Sharad Chandra Dawadi
  20. Ganga Bahadur Shrestha
  21. Bala Bahadur Bhandari
  22. Sushil Narsing Rajbhandari
  23. Nirmal Kumar Acharya
  24. Biju Nanda Bajracharya
  25. Sagar Prasad Kayastha
  26. Sambhu Gyawali
  27. Ram Naresh Saha

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