Main objective of this Institution is development, cooperation, advising the survey and mapping activities and related science in Nepal as a professional NGO. It will also look after the interest of surveyors. From the outset, our primary concern has always been to render professional and personal services of the highest quality to our clients who include government, semi-government, non-government and private enterprises.

However, main objectives of NICS are as follows:

  • To work for the professional rights and welfare in accordance with the professional ethical principle and code of conduct.
  • To help to attend the allocated accuracy of the work for all types of survey and maps.
  • Be ready for the services of nation and people.
  • To help to update and certify as necessary, the survey and maps prepared by various agencies and organizations.
  • To help to prepare maps and data in co-operation with Survey Department, various government and non-government organizations.
  • To help to perform accurate mapping works, for government, non-government and private organizations and agencies.
  • To extend help for the valuation of land and housing.
  • To assist to prepare cadastral, thematic, topographic, engineering maps (except base maps) for the planning and evaluation of new programmes and housing development projects.
  • To help to generate employment and to create the condition of self employment.
  • To perform and to make performed activities for the welfare of the members of NICS.
  • To organize various seminar, conference, symposium and publish research papers.
  • To work jointly with national and international organizations, who have similar nature and objectives and obtain their membership, as necessary.